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Psychological Testing and Assessment

Psychological Assessment: Text

All About Psychological Assessment

What can psych testing do for my child?

Sometimes parents, teachers, or providers require the expertise of a Pediatric Psychologist.  Psychologists are uniquely trained to perform a psychological assessments and testing.  These assessments can evaluate a variety of symptoms, concerns, and difficulties.  Typically, the data collected through a variety of methods and sources is compared to other children to determine whether a problem exists and if supports are needed.  A psychological assessment can help explain why a child is having challenges, what caregivers can do to help them, and inform providers with the information they need to help the child reach their potential.  All psychological assessments are individualized to the needs of the child and concerns of the family.  Only evidence-based, best-practice tools in the field of clinical psychology are used.

Psychological Assessment: About Therapy

Individualized and Evidence-Based

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorders are complex neuro-developmental disorders that can be accurately diagnosed as young as 24 months of age.  A comprehensive ASD assessment includes evaluating a child's use of language, social skills, behavior, and emotional development.  These assessments typically included face-to-face testing and direct observation, as well as reports and ratings from caregivers.  A thorough report and useful presentation of recommendations are given to families.

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Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a well-known neuro-bioligical disorder affecting children's ability to focus and pay attention, resist distractions, think before they act, regulate their bodies and emotions, be organized, and complete tasks.  A comprehensive ADHD evaluation includes input from parents/caregivers, teachers, and the child themselves.  A thorough report and treatment recommendations are provided and support for parents discussed.

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Cognitive Ability (IQ)/Learning Disabilities (LD)

Cognitive Ability (or IQ) is a child's brain-based abilities and mental capacity for tasks (simple and complex).  Learning Disabilities is an umbrella term for a set of brain-based learning difficulties.  These assessments include direct testing with the child, and often input from parents/caregivers and teachers.  A thorough report and useful presentation of recommendations and support for parents is provided.

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Diagnostic Evaluations

Assessment for Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and other psychiatric disorders can sometimes be through observation and history gathering.  Sometimes more complex psychological testing is required to clarify a diagnosis and help a child with the proper treatment plan.  These assessments vary by need and include a variety of methods to gather data.  Many times, a therapist or counselor may request this to support their treatment plan for a child.

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