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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you accept insurance?

We have discovered that contracting with insurance companies can affect our ability to work in the client’s best interest at times.  Often, insurance companies require time intensive paperwork, referrals from a primary care physician, keep records of procedures/tests used, results, and diagnosis(es).  Much of this information can be particularly sensitive and confidential for families, particularly in the case of a psychological assessment.

Therefore, we have opted to enroll with private insurance panels very selectively.  Currently, we are in-network for PacificSource, and are considered an out-of-network provider for all other insurances.  If you would like to use your private health plan benefits to help cover the costs of services, we can provide you with a detailed Superbill that you can use to obtain any reimbursement you may be entitled to. We have also partnered with Reimbursify ( to help make this process as simple and easy for you.

Out-of-pocket costs are typically higher compared to using an in-network provider for psychological services. We encourage you to contact your health insurance company directly ahead of time to determine the level of coverage your plan includes for psychological services.

How do you structure my child's assessment?

  1. Intake assessment, observation, history, screening, discussion and decide if testing is right for you.​​

  2. Discuss recommendations which may include psychological assessment with me.

  3. Administer tests directly to the child, parents complete questionnaires, teachers complete questionnaires, review records from other providers (e.g., pediatricians, speech therapists).

  4. Parent feedback with results and final recommendations.  Complete report (hard copies and digital access) with handouts, resources, books, etc.

  5. Follow-up consultation as needed.

Why don't you have more appointments available?

My practice is very specialized and highly focused.  I accept a very limited number of clients, so that I can focus on them from start to finish.  This allows me to expedite the process getting you the answers you need and your child help as soon as possible.

If I cannot meet your specific needs, then I can recommend other excellent professionals or help you decide what you may need.

Can you help me decide if I should schedule an intake with you?


I offer phone consultations to help decide if we should schedule a face-to-face intake assessment and if my services are the right fit for your needs.

Still have questions?  Get in touch with us today.

Dr. Ryan offers a free, brief phone consultation.

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